This is my blog. Its a funny blog, I am not serious. He’s an animagus. (Go read Harry potter). This owl is my spirit animal. He loves to sleep. He wakes up only when there’s too much noise. I also, am like that.

And you’ll ask, who I am. I am no one and I am everyone. Don’t get too carried away with that statement. It’s not a Zen statement. I merely mean that I will voice out your concerns and mine without any violence like bus burning or window smashing. Well, there will be a little violence but you’ll only be caught in crossfire. I love reading, writing, photography, day dreaming, obsessing about things, eating, and funning around.

There is rarely any deep shit that revolves around in my head, as you will see, very soon.I can write about this shit but you won’t want to read it. You’ll see an occasional update about love and stuff but that is probably alcohol at work.

I am me and I have a fantastic pessimistic outlook towards life and I think you will love it. You have to, or I’ll find you and I’ll kill you. Let me put it this way, the weather in my brain is not hot and humid, neither is it cold and dry. Its cold and humid, so all year long, there’s snowfall of sarcasm.

I am erratic, that much is for sure. I have all the time in the world but I am a lazy ass just like you, so sometimes I get real bored. Also, if you read erotic instead of erratic, this blog is not for you, you pervert.

Anonymous because I dont want you to know who I am, one, to be free of judgements and second, to be free of bullets and or sharp objects like knives or hurtful words. OUCH ! But its an open secret…

So, there are a bunch of people who live inside my brain.

One is an old lady (let’s call her Vatsala, maybe?) who complains about every damn thing. Why is it so hot! Why is it so cold! Why is it raining! Why isn’t it raining! Why are my feet so small! Why is my head so big! She is even irritated with the fact that the name of this blog is ERRATIC ANON RANTS. It’s irritating that the name can’t be ERRATIC ANONYMOUS RANTS.

And the second one is that overly confrontational crazy ass medieval warrior (Ummm he is Sir Laughsalot…) who kind of wants to kill everything in sight, especially this old lady, who wants to complain about everything. Aah. My evenings can get really colorful sometimes. He has a killer sense of humor.

To add to this, there’s a neurotic teenager (Neurotic Nancy) who thinks the entire world is out to get her. But she can’t stop herself from being overly nice sometimes to just get everyone’s approval.

And there is a baby boy who drops every fucking thing in sight. Let’s just call him Bub.

So yeah, we all love to write and share our experiences. But hey, I got to go right now, because Sir Laughsalot wants to kill Vatsala who is still asleep, Bub is awake and crying and Nancy is cowering in a corner because she doesn’t want to get hurt, under any circumstances.

I’ll catch you on the other side of this craziness.