Some people just come into your life like the light of day and brighten everything up as if there was never darkness there. Sure, they can be “JUST’ animals, they can be “JUST” strays. But they cant “JUST” leave without taking a piece of your heart with you.

I think we die because a piece of our hearts is taken away from us every time someone dies and finally we have no heart to survive. 

They bid you goodbye when you leave for office. They block your path when you choose to leave. They sometimes just bask in the sun and pretend that they don’t notice you, but they do. They close their eyes and they just lay there waiting for you to come pet them. But they’re there.

One such “SHE” was her.

She wouldn’t let me leave home or come back home without sniffing my feet. Its only “SHE” who taught me how animals can emote. Its only “SHE” who sat with me countless times when I forgot my keys or I was locked out of home, or I was upset or just plain, didn’t want to go home. “SHE” was always there, watching from the corner of her eye, pretending she didn’t see me. But as I walked closer, she’d kick up a storm, wagging her tail so hard !

She’d walk, run, limp, but she would come.

She always came. She always will. We’re worlds apart but I believe she’s around and she’s just a whistle away. 

I’ve given you all that I had, and you gave me whatever you had, which was more than I ever asked for. You’ll never know, but that’s perfectly alright.

You’ll always stay in my small, broken, then bandaged, then cemented and now resilient heart. 

-Love, (You know exactly who… ♥♥♥♥♥)