In a world where there’s barely a span of 5 minutes your phone buzzes for Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, BigBasket, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, SMS, Viber, Skype, Email, Text messages, downloads, Google Photos. Phew ! And there are 16 waking hours in a day. We’re so damn involved in the noise that we cant bear the quiet anymore. We’re addicted to the noise that we are so used to. Car horns, static or the phone. So we do the same with relationships and conversations. We fill the silences up, with static.

Learn to love silence. Why ? Because…

It keeps you sane.

Because its important you realize that not everything is solved by words. Silence isn’t a failure.Its a silent victory. Its a powerful retort.

Dont fill up these silences with mindless nervous ramblings. Dont talk for no reason. Dont reply to everything that is said to you. Acknowledge it, but dont reply. Nod your head and say Okay, but fight the will to fight back.
That silence between someone and you, after a fight. You’ve said what you wanted and some stuff that you never meant to. You’ve done enough to let them know how you feel. You’ve hurt them enough with your anger. You’ve been hurt enough in return. Now calm down.
That silence between a stranger and you, on the train. You don’t know them. You cant judge them. Don’t feel compelled to make conversation just because the silence is uncomfortable. Smile, nod. That’s enough.
That silence after a date. You’ve had a great time. You’ve enjoyed your date. Let it sink in. Let yourself realize that you may fall in love with them that they may be the one for you. That you may spend your life with them. Pull up your socks because you are in for the ride of a lifetime.
That silence between a pet and you, late at night. Let them feel safe or let them feel unsafe. Allow yourself the same liberty too. If you keep talking, it’ll never strike a chord. You’ll never know what you feel. You’ll never know you’re breathing unless you hear the sound of your breath.

That silence between a child and you. Don’t fill it with toys or games or mall visits. Let them learn that silence is important too.

Every-time you are silent after a tumultuous fight, you give yourself the opportunity to realize that you were wrong to say some things.  The next fight wont be as bad as this. If in fact you do want to have a next one. Do you ? You wouldnt know unless you think. And you cant think if you dont stop talking.

Everyday is full of static.
“Hey, wanna meet up ?”. “Sure. Lets plan it.” is static.
“Hey, I need some help”. “Gimme some time. I’ll call you” is static.
“I need to say something important to you.”… “I am busy right now. Lets talk tomorrow.” is static.Static, is a distraction to ensure you don’t have to do things you are uncomfortable with. The things we try to avoid are the things that make us think. You could be reading this and there are a thousand things running in your mind.
“What if I am late ?”, “What about dinner ?”, “She’s so ugly”, “I hate him, I’m never going to talk to him ever again”, “I need to buy clothes for my friend’s wedding”, “I’ve not been to the gym for two weeks !”

Cut out the static at this moment. Remove it and hear the silence for a few minutes. You’ll be afraid at first. But that is good. It means you are realizing your reality. It means you are focusing on your feelings. If you make even the smallest decisions from the static free silence, chalk it up to a win. Not every decision will be about huge things. Some will be tiny, like, “I will get off from the bus and walk home in the evening, not take a rick.” and one day in this silence, you will find yourself with the power to decide “I need to pull out of this catatonic toxic relationship.Its killing me on the inside”

Let the world sink into your heart. Let the quiet in….

Learn the art of stoic unforgiving silence.