On a rainy October morning I met someone who I never thought would be an inspiring image for anyone. He started off as someone who couldn’t speak English. A completely unkempt, skinny guy who just did some stuff well. Meh! So what? Anyone can do some stuff well. A terribly shabby, uninspired soul who just knew what he wanted to do. This time, when I met him, he was an entirely changed person. But….

Let me be honest. I kinda kept track of him because I just honestly wanted to see where he went with all this. I didn’t think he would go too far. Because lets face it, however talented you maybe, you will face discrimination because your face is a certain color and because your ”attitude” wasn’t just right. And that’s exactly what happened to him. He struggled and struggled and somewhere down the line he became a man who everyone wanted to be. I don’t claim I know him very well, but I do claim that I observed him very very closely. My first impression of him was a split second decision which generally is right. But I was wrong about him.

He, here, are two guys. One, M.S.Dhoni, one of the best goddamn captains I have ever seen. Forget about the runs he made, forget about the wickets he took, the overs he bowled and all of the cricket related statistics. Remember him as a human being. A shabby, unkempt person who just knew how to swing a bat and catch a ball. Yep. That’s all he was. But for him to transform through into a Class A sportsman was commendable.

The second he, is Sushant Singh Rajput. From Pavitra Rishta to Three mistakes of my life, I hated his guts. Since we’re on the topic, The three mistakes of my life were,

  1. Reading the book, three mistakes of my life
  2. Watching the film Kai Po Che
  3. Not walking out of the theater mid film

I don’t know what the fuck I was expecting, I mean, I knew how Kai Po Che was going to end. I knew what was happening. I knew that it’s not going to magically transform into a Zombie Apocalypse where all these characters get killed in the end but I still sat there like a moron eating my extra salted popcorn. (Extra salted because I was crying into the tub). Let bygones be bygones.

M.S. Dhoni called out to me because I’m a common man, Neeraj Pandey ! Duh ! And of course the man himself, Dhoni. The moment I knew I fell in love with him was in the Indian Sri Lanka World Cup Final match when I saw the look of anticipation on his face even after he had hit that resounding six. I thought to myself, this is not just a batsman or a captain, he’s a hell of a guy. He’s a guy who doesn’t sit still until he’s done something and done it right.

The movie highlights the struggle Mahi went through to become Dhoni. The old colonies and the small homes remind you of a simpler time. I think it was a very classy gesture on Neeraj Pandey’s part because my generation, is two behind the millennials and we are such goddamn suckers for nostalgia. We’re sentimental idiots. Barely known faces doing so much on screen. A very well put together film most definitely a thousand times better than Azhar which was Emraan Hashmi being passive aggressive on screen for a painfully long time. No Sir, nope, not at all. No Extra salted popcorn for me because I didn’t see it in the theatre this time. I saw it on TV late at night. Yesssssss  ! I saved my money, but strangely I did not feel like a winner at the end of Azhar either way.

Phew ! I’m not going to say much about the movie because I really want you guys to watch it. And If you haven’t watched it yet, shame on you ! You’re even lazier than me. Because It took me 10 days to write this blog and you guys haven’t even watched it yet?

Although it may feel like a cricketer is getting a lot of attention, don’t look at it that way. Milkha Singh paved the way. Mary Kom got her dues and now M.S.Dhoni did too. The human being behind the wooden bat and the mind behind the wicket-keeper’s glove. Absolutely fantastic. Didn’t care much about the girls in the movie because I didn’t see any passion in either of them. Some situations in the movie make you go WHAT THE FUCK… Yes. Those words will actually be formed in your frontal cortex, will travel to your mouthal area (I don’t know the word for it.Oh wait. ORAL… ) and jump off your tongue just like that. Sometimes because of the sheer brilliance and sometimes because the CGI is so bad, you’ll probably laugh your guts out.

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that Sushant Singh Rajput is the Dhoni of Bollywood now. And he’s becoming easier on the eyes by the day !

Are you a beaver ? because Dam ! Boy !

The next few lines are just me telling you to go watch the movie.

Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie. Go Watch the movie.





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